The benefits of using mediation

  • For employees
  • For managers
  • For the organisation

Although mediation is not the only course of action open to managers for dealing with conflict between employees, it is the method which is most likely to lead to a win-win outcome.

For employees

  • The mediation process reduces stress, anxiety and harm, all of which impact negatively on the individual
  • Participants have the opportunity to speak honestly to each other during a safe, structured process which ensures respect and dignity
  • Participants understand that the outcome is within their control, which gives them a greater sense of confidence in the process and a stake in making the agreed way forward work
  • Participants feel listened to by an impartial mediator who will not judge or blame them
  • Individuals feel valued by the organisation


For managers

  • Mediation can provide a swifter resolution with an agreed way forward, reducing the drain on management time and employee output
  • Managers feel supported by the organisation in their attempt to deal with the problem
  • The responsibility for making the agreed way forward work lies clearly with the employees, enabling the manager to step back
  • Removes suspicion and taking sides within the team(s) affected, resulting in better team working and productivity, and a better working atmosphere
  • Reduces managerial stress
  • Effective mediation can avoid time-consuming and expensive grievance and disciplinary procedures. It can also avoid the potential reputational damage of having to defend an employment tribunal case
  • It can reduce the number of hours lost due to employee stress and sickness absence
  • It can release managers and staff to become involved in more productive activities
  • A successful mediation can result in improvements in communication, collaboration and productivity beyond the limits of the issue  resolved



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